Inspector Gadget Film

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Sowohl verbal, wie auch Hawks eine umfangreiche Sammlung von Drucken und Gemldekopien nach Werken von unter anderem Remington und Charles M.

Inspector Gadget Film

Inspektor Gadget - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Inspektor Gadget 2. Inspektor Gadget (Inspector Gadget) ist eine US-​amerikanische Filmkomödie von David. Diese Realfilmversion der populären Cartoon-Serie ist mit ihren rund 80 Minuten Laufzeit knapp abendfüllend, wirkt aber etwas überlang. Auf dem Fernsehschirm,​. <

Inspector Gadget

Diese Realfilmversion der populären Cartoon-Serie ist mit ihren rund 80 Minuten Laufzeit knapp abendfüllend, wirkt aber etwas überlang. Auf dem Fernsehschirm,​. Inspektor Gadget ein Film von David Kellogg mit Rupert Everett, Matthew Broderick. Inhaltsangabe: Inspecter Gadget ist die Realverfilmung der gleichnamigen. Inspektor Gadget 2. Inspektor Gadget (Inspector Gadget) ist eine US-​amerikanische Filmkomödie von David.

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Inspector Gadget (1999) - Between Man and Machine

Inspektor Gadget 2. Inspektor Gadget (Inspector Gadget) ist eine US-​amerikanische Filmkomödie von David. Inspektor Gadget 2 (Originaltitel: Inspector Gadget 2) ist eine US-amerikanische Filmkomödie von Alex Zamm aus dem Jahr Sie basiert auf der. Sie stattet ihn dabei mit jeder Menge biomechanischen Gimmicks aus, damit er seinem Erzfeind Claw entgegentreten kann. Go, go – Gadgetto Propeller! Diese Realfilmversion der populären Cartoon-Serie ist mit ihren rund 80 Minuten Laufzeit knapp abendfüllend, wirkt aber etwas überlang. Auf dem Fernsehschirm,​. Use the HTML Uni Graz Jobs. Brian Bethune. Maybe it's the sheer distance from its creative wellspring, but this thingamajig makes for a profoundly stupid viewing experience. Retrieved July 23,

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Im Gegensatz zum Vorgänger wurde dieser Film direkt für den Video- und DVD-Markt produziert. InDiC produced an animated Christmas special based on the series, Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas. An adventure Got Staffel 4 Folge 4 based on the series, Inspector Telekom Service Mail Mission 1 — Global Terror! No follow-up issues have been released to date. Tara Strong voices her in the series. Alphas — In Aprila new Inspector Gadget series was announced to premiere in Spring to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary. Don Adams returned as Gadget's voice while Penny, Brain, Chief Quimby, Capeman and Dr. Erica Inspector Gadget Film provided her voice in Inspector Gadget Apocalypto German Stream Christmas. In en werd Inspector Gadget genomineerd voor acht prijzen, waarvan hij er 1 won. Relevant discussion may be found on Talk:Inspector Gadget film. Langues Anglais. L'Ispettore Gadget Matthew Broderick in una scena del film. Brenda, die nu ook de waarheid over Claw kent, spoort Claw op, maar wordt door hem gevangen. Super ShowGadget Twd Abraham the Gadgetinisthe direct-to-video animated films, and various DIC Kids Network bumpers. Navigationsmenü Meine Werkzeuge Nicht angemeldet Diskussionsseite Beiträge Benutzerkonto erstellen Anmelden. Alex Zamm. Listen mit Inspector Gadget. Movie Info John Brown (Matthew Broderick) is a bumbling but well-intentioned security guard who is badly injured in an explosion planned by an evil mastermind. He is taken to a laboratory, where. Inspector Gadget is back and must face his old enemy, the evil Dr. Claw, who has reactivated MAD, his global crime syndicate. Starring: Ivan Sherry, Tara Strong, Martin Roach Watch all you want. All 4 Seasons Now on Netflix. Inspector Gadget is a American spy comedy film directed by David Kellogg and written by Kerry Ehrin and Zak Penn from a story by Ehrin and Dana Olsen. Inspector Gadget is a American live-action comedy film, loosely based on the series of the same name. Inspector Gadget is a live-action film based on the popular animated series of the same name that aired from to It starred Matthew Broderick as the title character, along with Rupert Everett as Dr. Claw, and Michelle Trachtenberg as Penny.
Inspector Gadget Film
Inspector Gadget Film Inspector Gadget (TV seriál) () Inspektor Gadget, případ létajícího () Inspektor Gadget 2 () Inspector Gadget's Last Case: Claw's () Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Greatest () Inspector Gadget Saves Christmas () Amazing Adventures of Inspector Gadget () Inspektor Šikula (TV seriál) ()36%(86). Inspector Gadget is een Amerikaanse film uit , gebaseerd op de gelijknamige animatieserie uit de jaren De hoofdrol werd vertolkt door Matthew regie was in handen van David Kellogg.. Opnames van de film vonden geheel plaats in Pittsburgh, PennsylvaniaProducent: Roger Birnbaum. Inspector Gadget è un film del diretto da David Kellog, rifacimento live-action dell'omonima serie animata de L'ispettore Gadget. Il film ha avuto un seguito intitolato Inspector Gadget 2 uscito nel soltanto per il mercato home video, in cui però manca il cast

Artemus Bradford Andy Dick : Kramer Michael G. Hagerty : Sykes. Hughley : GadgetMobile Don Adams : Brain. Artiglio Laura Lenghi : Brenda Bradford Perla Liberatori : Penny Brown Franco Zucca : Commissario Quimby Roberto Stocchi : GadgetMobile Sandro Pellegrini : Dr.

Artemus Bradford Luigi Ferraro : Kramer Wladimiro Grana : Sykes Carlo Valli : Brain. Mike Hagerty Sikes.

Dabney Coleman Chief Quimby. Hughley Voice: Gadgetmobile. Rene Auberjonois Artemus Bradford. Frances Bay Thelma. T Minion Recovery Group.

Richard Kiel Famous Big Guy with Silver Teeth. The plot features Dr. Claw breaking out of jail with the help of a specially hired Scottish agent named Bombaboy.

He and Bombaboy seek out a prehistoric dragon-like creature to get revenge on his captors and launch yet another scheme to conquer the world.

Production on the film was announced on May , under the working title Inspector Gadget Saves the Day Maybe , [16] and the film was released on September 6, by Lions Gate Home Entertainment.

In November , DIC announced they would be developing a spin-off titled Gadget Girl , featuring a female protagonist.

In , DIC announced they would be co-producing a new Inspector Gadget series to cash-in on the success of the live-action movie tentatively titled GI Gadget , which would be co-produced with French-animation studio Arles Animation.

GI Gadget have featured the titular character joining an elite army commando unit. Arles Animation would later be purchased by BKN International in June of that year.

In April , a new Inspector Gadget series was announced to premiere in Spring to celebrate the franchise's 25th anniversary. Claw [23] The series was never produced, and was canceled likely due to DIC's purchase by Cookie Jar Entertainment in July The first game developed based on the series was Inspector Gadget and the Circus of Fear developed by Beam Software and scheduled for release by Melbourne House in the UK in for the Commodore 64 and ZX Spectrum.

Although the game was completed, and preview copies were reviewed unfavourably in the computing press, it was scrapped on the verge of release.

The game featured a cameo by the titular character from the Horace series of games. An adventure game based on the series, Inspector Gadget: Mission 1 — Global Terror!

An NES game was planned for release by Hudson Soft , but was quietly cancelled. Instead, Hudson released an SNES game in simply called Inspector Gadget.

The game features a rare glimpse of Dr. Claw's face. After this partnership, Light and Shadow Production released three Inspector Gadget titles on their own - Inspector Gadget: Advance Mission for Game Boy Advance Published by DreamCatcher Interactive in the United States and two European-exclusive titles - Inspector Gadget: Mad Robots Invasion for the PlayStation 2 and Inspector Gadget Racing for the Game Boy Advance.

Inspector Gadget's MAD Dash was released for iOS devices, iPhone and iPod Touch , by XMG Studio in It features Shuki Levy's original theme music and also includes original voices from the show.

In the same game, Doctor Claw reveals his face and is once again given the first name George. The original Inspector Gadget theme song was composed by American composer Shuki Levy who also wrote the themes for Power Rangers and Digimon , and was based on Edvard Grieg 's " In the Hall of the Mountain King ".

Several early rap records sampling the Inspector Gadget theme song were released in The Kartoon Krew also released "Inspector Gadget" on ZYX Music , which contains vocal samples and quotes from the popular cartoon series, reenacted by the rap group for the song.

Following the trend, Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh used samples from the Inspector Gadget theme song on their single " The Show ". The theme song has been heavily sampled in the years since then.

California -based punk band Lagwagon recorded a short instrumental cover of the theme song on their album Duh. The new theme was composed by Canadian film and TV composers Stephen Skratt and Asher Lenz, "once again using In the Hall of the Mountain King as inspiration".

A new Inspector Gadget comic book, based on the original TV series, was launched in the U. A preview issue was published as part of Free Comic Book Day on May 7, ; the entire story was then released officially in August as a page comic book titled "Inspector Gadget: Gadget on the Orient Express".

No follow-up issues have been released to date. On a episode of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show! This was his first live-action appearance predating the live action film that was released ten years later.

Maurice LaMarche who would assume the voice role in "Inspector Gadget: Gadget's Greatest Gadgets" ten years later plays Gadget in this segment.

Watch the video. A remake of the television series, Matthew Broderick stars as Gadget, who suffers an accident at the beginning of the film, and befriends Brenda, a robotic surgeon who repairs Gadget so that he can defeat the villain Claw.

In the meantime, Gadget and Brenda fall in love. I used to have a fascination with the cartoon back in college when it was being made.

It had much the charm of "Get Smart". While it admittedly had its faults, it was rather enjoyable. Naturally I was very interested in seeing the film version.

That was before I saw it. Afterwords I wished it had never been made. Besides being miscast all around who on Earth though Broderick was even close to the role?

The effects were reasonable and perhaps the ONLY thing I liked about the movie; seeing a live-action version of the gadgets in action!

What was missing was a story and treatment which made it funny or charming or interesting. The original was a wacky cartoon with a very lighthearted attitude.

It was FUN. De film kreeg een direct-naar-video -vervolg getiteld IG2. In en werd Inspector Gadget genomineerd voor acht prijzen, waarvan hij er 1 won.

Uit Wikipedia, de vrije encyclopedie. Inspector Gadget. Verborgen categorie: Wikipedia:Geen afbeelding lokaal en geen op Wikidata.

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Gebruikersportaal Snelcursus Hulp en contact Donaties. Inspecteur Gadget. De David Kellogg. Avec Rupert Everett , Matthew Broderick , Dabney Coleman.

Bande-annonce Ce film en VOD. Mes amis. Claw destroys it, forcing Gadget to use an improvised weapon to damage Claw's claw and the helicopter.

Brenda leaps out of the helicopter onto Gadget's back, but they fall down the side of Scolex's skyscraper, using a parasol to land safely. Claw parachutes down, but lands in the Gadgetmobile.

The police arrive to arrest Gadget, but Penny appears with a repentant Sykes, who confesses to his crimes. Saluted by Quimby, Gadget departs with Brenda and Penny, as Claw vows revenge.

During the "Minions Anonymous" scene in the credits, the henchmen include Mr. T and Richard Kiel who is credited as the " Famous Bad Guy with Silver Teeth ", in reference to his role of James Bond 's enemy Jaws , as well as Richard Lee-Sung as the " Famous Villain with Deadly Hat ", Bobby Bell as the " Famous Identifier of Sea Planes ", Hank Barrera as the " Famous Native American Sidekick ", Jesse Yoshimura as " Bane of the Bumbling, Idiotic Yet Curiously Successful French Detective's Existence , John Kim as " Son Before Second Son ", and Keith Morrison as the " Famous Assistant to Dr.

Frankensomething ". Universal Pictures at one point had an option on the film rights to the animated television series in Ivan Reitman signed on to produce with a script by Jeph Loeb and Matthew Weisman.

At one point, Peter Farrelly and Bobby Farrelly were considered to write and direct. Martin Scorsese was also considered to direct.

Cameron Diaz declined the role of Dr. Brenda Bradford in favor of Any Given Sunday. Tim Curry , James Earl Jones , Willem Dafoe , Jack Nicholson , John Lithgow and Dennis Hopper were considered for the role of Doctor Claw.

Principal photography began on July 20, , and wrapped on October 3, After a test screening, the film was cut to 78 minutes from the original minute version.

It has an artificial intelligence with a male persona. Like most anthropomorphic cars, "his" front bumper is his mouth and he has eyes in his headlights.

Ob Shirin John nun endlich ihre Liebe gesteht, welche Folgen nun genau auf Netflix verfgbar sind, Ihre Inspector Gadget Film Videothek: Die besten Filme und Huawei Vorstellung legal online ansehen als Video on Demand. - Filmhandlung und Hintergrund

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